CODE 2020

Europe’s Digital Sovereignty – Road to Success?

10 - 12 November 2020

Privacy Statement

Granting of rights of use to words and images for the publication and distribution of recordings and contributions by the participants

The virtual conference “CODE 2020” is a non-commercial event of the Research Institute CODE (RI CODE) and the Federal Ministry of Defence (FMoD). On this occasion, the event is recorded in sound and image (specifically by video and photo recordings). The image and sound recordings as well as the statements and other contributions of the participants are being used for the documentation and evaluation of the event, reporting in the media, and public relations work by the RI CODE/FMoD.

I declare to agree that videos, pictures, words and texts of me may be used free of charge, comprehensively and without spatial restrictions by the RI CODE/FMoD. The work may be shortened and edited, while the intellectual character remains preserved. Furthermore, they can be passed on to third parties for use. RI CODE/FMoD can decide in individual cases whether I will be named as the author. In particular, I agree that my videos, pictures, words and texts may be published, edited, distributed, reproduced and made publicly available on the radio, TV, Internet (websites of the RI CODE/FMoD, YouTube channel RI CODE), on social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook), in print media (such as brochures and newspapers), and on digital storage media (such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray).

This granting of rights is valid until the end of the year 2026 and cannot be canceled. I am aware and I agree that even after 2026, pictures and statements of me can be found and be visible via the internet. In this case, I have no claim against RI CODE/FMoD for removal and I will not assert this either. The data collected about me will be saved and stored in connection with the recordings made within the “CODE 2020” until the end of 2026.